The Team

Editorial Staff

Noah Roberts – Editor-in-Chief
Noah is a Masters of Public Affairs student at the University of Wisconsin – Madison’s La Follette School of Public Affairs with an interest in both domestic and international public policy. On campus, Noah is a Policy Chair for the Alexander Hamilton Society and Associate Justice on the Associated Students of Madison’s Student Judiciary. In his community, Noah is the President of the Verona Area School District Board of Education, and has served as a Trustee on the Fitchburg Public Library Board.

Rebecca Hanks – Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Rebecca is a sophomore majoring in Political Science and International Studies. She is fascinated by all United States policy-making both foreign and domestic, but is especially interested in U.S. involvement in the Middle East as well as domestic voting rights and economic equity. She has background as a legislative intern in the offices of State Representative Carol Ammons and State Senator Lena Taylor, and she is currently an Organizing Fellow with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. In her free time, Rebecca loves reading, running, and going to cafes.

Max Seltzer – Co-Founder, Managing Editor, Webmaster
Max is a Senior studying Political Science with certificates in Digital Studies, Entrepreneurship, and Environmental Studies. Max has strong interests in both international and domestic politics, having significant experience working in numerous congressional offices as well as a senatorial re-election campaign. Max is the President of the Alexander Hamilton Society as well as holds executive positions in Badgers for Israel and is the Treasurer of his Fraternity. In his free time, Max plays recreational Ice Hockey and works for the Department of Information Technology for UW-Madison.

Avneesh Chandra – Managing Editor

Avneesh is a Masters student in International Public Affairs with an interest in international media and free speech issues. He graduated in 2017 with a BTech in Computers and Communications Engineering from the Manipal Institute of Technology where he helped found The MIT Post. He shifted to policy-making in order to apply some technical know-how to the public sector. In his free time, Avneesh likes to read, run, write, and learn more about his favorite movies.

Ryan Bergal – Editor
Ryan is a junior studying International Studies and Economics. Ryan’s primary areas of interest in global affairs are the politics of the European Union, and its member states. Outside of the WIRe, he is also involved in UW’s Model United Nations Team, the Alexander Hamilton Society, and Wisconsin Union Directorate. He also enjoys finding new music and works to finance his excessive coffee consumption habits.


Emily Janicik – Editor

Emily is a sophomore studying Economics and German. She has a strong interest in European politics and policy, specifically with a focus on Germany. On campus, Emily is a part of Wisconsin Exploration Club and Women in Economics, as well as working as a tutor for the Wisconsin Athletic Department. In her free time, Emily enjoys finding new coffee shops, reading memoirs, dancing, and spending time with friends.

Aly Niehans – Editor

Aly is a junior majoring in Political Science. She is interested in international human rights and the effectiveness of international organizations in protecting them. More specifically, Aly is interested in when, why, and where violations of human rights occur. On campus, Aly is the Features Editor for the Badger Herald, as well as a member of the Badger Herald Board of Directors and Editorial Board. In her free time, Aly likes to watch documentaries, drink copious amounts of coffee, online shop, and, as of late, do the New York Times Crossword puzzle.

Ashley Levi – Editor

Ashley Levi is a sophomore majoring in International Studies and Political Science with a certificate in European Studies. She has a specific interest in global security and its implications for local communities involved. Outside of the WIRe, she works as an editing intern through the Student Federal Service for the Veteran Affairs blog and is involved in philanthropy roles within her sorority. In her free time, Ashley enjoys reading, cooking, painting, and online shopping.

Caitlin Attaway – Editor

Caitlin is a current junior majoring in Political Science and History with an African Studies certificate. She has an interest in the politics of post-colonial states in the East African region and is steadily attempting to learn Swahili. On campus, Caitlin has spent time working for the Mordgride Center where she helps with voter registration and education during the Fall 2018 midterms. In her community, Caitlin has interned for State Representative Lisa Subeck and the 2018 Democratic candidate for Wisconsin Attorney General, Josh Kaul.

Alexandre El Ghaoui – Editor

Alexandre El Ghaoui is a Junior studying Economics with certificates in Entrepreneurship and French. His interest include Foreign Policy-specifically United States Foreign Policy in the Middle East, International Relations, such as Russian-United States relations and Chinese-American relations, and Intelligence. On campus, Alex is involved in the Economics Student Association and the Ski for Cancer philantrhopy. In his free time, Alex enjoys reading Foreign Policy, RT, the New York Times as well as playing and watching soccer.

Emily Wurst – Editor

Emily is a junior studying Economics and Political Science. Emily’s primary foreign policy interests lie in China and the European Union, specifically in Italy. On campus, she is involved in the Finance & Investment Society as well as Women in Economics, and volunteers in the Lakeshore Nature Preserve. In her free time, Emily likes to cook, travel, and be outside as much as possible.


Meghan Howard – Outreach Director

Meghan Howard is a sophomore studying Economics and International Studies. She is interested in the international political economy, equitable education, as well as conflict-resolution studies. She is also involved with Project 1808 on campus and works for the Rec Sports department. In her free time she enjoys reading, watching movies, and golfing.


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