The Team

Editorial Staff

Sam Alhadeff – Co-Founder, Editor & Chief, Executive Director
Sam is a Master’s Candidate in International Public Affairs where he strives to be a generalist on all issues related to foreign policy. On campus, Sam is the Founder of the Alexander Hamilton Society where he currently serves as President Emeritus. Sam received his B.A. in Political Science and Economics from UW in May 2017 where he also received a Leadership Certificate, which is something. In his free time, Sam likes to make microscopic dents in his reading list, which is taller than he is. He is also fluent in Spanish.

Max Seltzer – Co-Founder, Editor, Site Design, Webmaster
Max is a sophomore studying Political Science with a certificate in Digital Studies. Max has strong interests in both International and Domestic politics, having significant experience working in numerous congressional offices as well as a senatorial re-election campaign. Max is the Co-Program Coordinator for the Alexander Hamilton Society as well as holds executive positions in the Student Alliance for Israel and Badgers for Israel. In his free time, Max  plays recreational Ice Hockey as well as works for the Department of Information Technology for UW-Madison.


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