The WIReCast

The WIReCast is the Wisconsin International Review’s premier foreign policy podcast. Join us every other week as the WIRe staff tackles a variety of international relations, global security, and American foreign policy issues. With special guests each week, the WIReCast brings a wide array of expertise and fresh, new perspectives into the foreign policy debate happening around the country.

The WIReCast is now available on the WSUM Podcast Network.

Episode #23 – Israel and Venezuela

Episode #22 – Sudanese Sugar Daddies

Episode #21 – Relaunch Episode

Episode #20 – North Korea: The Summit to End All Summits

Episode #19 – Cyber and Space: The Future of Warfare

Episode #18 – Economic Crisis in Venezuela

Episode #17 – A Xi New World

Episode #16 – One Year into Brexit: Half Full or Half Empty?

Episode #15 – North Korea and the 2018 Olympic Games

Episode #14 – Are We Moving Toward a New World Order?

Episode #13 – One Year of Trump’s Foreign Policy in Review

Episode #12 – Taxing Our Foreign Policy

Episode #11 – How to Sound Smart at Your Thanksgiving Table

Episode #10 – The Rohingya Crisis

Episode #9 – Nuclear Mistakes with the Iran Deal

Episode #8 – Much Ado About Catalonia

Episode #7 – DACA and Immigration Reform

Episode #6 – 100 Days of Trump

Episode #5 – Deterrence

Episode #4 – A Bear on the Loose: Putin’s Russia and What Comes Next

Episode #3 – President-elect Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy

Episode #2 – Brexit: Causes and Consequences

Episode #1 – Assessing the Arab Spring Five Years Later